Pine Trees

The Pines are a large family of evergreen trees, which serve a great variety of purposes, from being some of the most ornamental trees to being outstanding shelterbelts and windbreaks even in coastal regions.



Pinus Latifolia – Lodgepole Pine

A medium sized tree producing broad leaves and large cones.


Mountain Pine. A very small hardy Tree of dense bushy habit. An ideal tree for the rock garden and will work very well with heathers. The mountain pine is lime tolerant and will grow in all soil types.

Nigra – Austrian Pine

A commonly planted and familiar large tree, with rough greyish brown bark. The Austrian pine will grow in most soil types and is an excellent maritime tree and is suitable to chalky soils and bleak exposed areas.

Radiata Monterey

A large tree with a deep dark brown bark and a dense head of branches. Produces clusters of cones which can remain on the branches for many years. An attractive rapid growing tree for mild inland and coastal areas.

Sylvestris – Scots Pine

The Scots Pine with its large tall stem and attractive reddish young bark is considered a native tree. It may be grown in any type of soil but will not reach its maximum height of 50 to 70 meters in damp acid soil or shallow dry chalk ones.