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The hawthorns are among the hardiest trees available in Ireland, and can be planted in both industrial and coastal areas.



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Types of Hawthorn Tree

Monagyna – Common Hawthorn

Our native and most common hawthorn tree is Crataegus monogyna, also known as the sceach, or quicks. It is anexcellent hedge for open countryside, farmland, or exposed coastal areas, the hawthorn produces white flowers in spring and an abundance of red berries in autumn (as below)

Hawthorn tree with red berries

Cratagus Pauls Scarlet

A small to medium sized tree, suitable for most gardens. It produces double scarlet flowers in spring. This red flowering hawthorn is a very attractive tree with bright red flowers in spring time.

Cratagus Flexuosa

A curious and striking tree with twisted corkscrew branches. A very decorative tree in winter.

Cratagus Stricta

An excellent small tree for exposed places, it produces erect branches. It is an up right growing hawthorn tree, ideal for a confined space or a streetscape.

Hawthorn Tree Ireland with white pettlesHawthorn Tree Ireland

Planting instructions

Crataegus, hawthorn trees can be planted in a range of locations. Here’s how to do it:

  1. When planting dig a hole a little larger than the container or pot which the tree is in.
  2. Take the tree out of the bag or container and put it in the hole.
  3. Backfill the hole with clay and firm in.
  4. Now stake and tie the tree.

Hawthorn tree Ireland

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Hawthorn tree uses

  • Crataegus, hawthorn trees make an excellent standard once off tree, or make a wonderful show planted along a streetscape or other urban settings.
  • Hawthorns also make an excellent native hedge, providing food and shelter to wild birds and animals.
  • In many costal locations, hawthorns provide a great source of shelter to all animals from the elements such as wind and rain.

Typical Questions We Get on Hawthorn Trees

Is the hawthorn tree native to Ireland?

Yes, Crataegus hawthorn trees are completely native to Ireland.

Where do hawthorn trees grow best?

Crataegus , hawthorn trees will thrive in both a rural or urban setting. They can also be planted in an exposed coastal setting and will do well.

How big do hawthorn trees in Ireland grow?

Crataegus, hawthorn trees are a relatively small tree and will grow to approx. 5 to 8 metres. This is the most typical hawthorn tree in Ireland.

Is hawthorn tree fast or slow growing?

Crateagus, hawthorn is a fast growing tree , once its roots get established.

Can you eat the fruit of a hawthorn tree?

Yes, the berries produced by Crataegus hawthorn are edible.

Hawthorn berries

What is the lifespan of a hawthorn tree?

Crataegus, the hawthorn tree can live up to 150 to 200 years old.

How fast does it grow?

It is on the slower side. Like all trees, there are variables which can affect this like soil quality, the weather etc. That said, over the course of 20 years, it generally reaches it’s full height.

Do you have many hawthorn trees for sale?

Yes, we have the best of hawthorn trees for sale in Ireland. Depending on the time of year, the demand for our Hawthorn trees can go up significantly. Contact us, to order your hawthorn trees.

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