Golden  Ash – Fraxinus  Jespidea

The Golden Ash is a tree with rich green leaves in summer, changing to soft golden yellow in late autumn. After shedding its golden folage, it will then make an outstanding feature in the winter landscape. It’s bright yellow branches and twigs with black buds form a wonderful contrast to a winter evening sky. The golden ash, if planted in front of an evergreen hedge or pine trees will give excellent contrast also.

In time your golden ash will develop into a tree of many colour shades, with it’s aging bark containing a fusion of rich purple and brown markings.

It can be planted in almost any soil type as an individual specimen, or in a grove with other trees. It is both hardy and fast growing and will tolerate some exposure. This tree can be pruned and re-shaped at any time in its life.

Approximate size 9 -12 metres.

Weeping  Ash  – Fraxinus Pendula

The Weeping Ash is deciduous tree, which will grow into a large specimen producing a canopy of elegant branches, which will eventually reach down to ground level. In summer time this space provides a wonderful hide and seek area for children.

This tree is suitable for large open spaces, such as a parkland or field.

It is a graceful tree which will enhance any open space. It will thrive in most soil types and will tolerate some exposure.

Eventual size 20 – 25 metres.

This tree can be pruned to a desired shape.