The maples comprise of a range of medium sized trees, which are mostly deciduous, and have a broad range of leaf colour. The maples will grow well in most soil types, and their dense foliage can provide good privacy in the town garden.



The following are some of the most popular and colour varities.

Acer Crimson  King

A large handsome tree with leaves of crimson purple and deep yellow flowers, tinged red.

Acer Drummondii

A very striking variety the leaves have a broad creamy white margined band. This is a medium sized tree.

Acer Leopoldii

A good tree for exposed sites, the leaves of the leopoldii are yellowish pink at first later green, specaled and splashed yellow and pink. In a summer breeze the underside of the leaves…?

Acer Worleii

The Golden Sycammore. A medium sized tree, the leaves are soft yellow green at first then golden.