The birch trees comprise of some of the most elegant trees, noted or their rich bark textures and their attractive yellow leaves in autumn. There are both upright and weeping varieties.



Betula Pendula

The silver birch is a medium sized, white stemmed tree with soft diamond shaped leaves. This tree will thrive in soil which is reasonably dry.

Betula Jacquemontii

The Himalayan birch. One of the most attractive birch available the Jacquemontii, is a medium sized tree with orange to dark brown peeling bark.

Betula Nigra

The River birch. A beautiful fast growing tree with a pink orange bark. An excellent tree for planting in damp ground. It produces soft green diamond shaped leaves.

Betula Papyrifera

The paper birch. A striking large tree with white papery bark and yellow autumn foliage.