Christmas Trees Waterford 2022

This Christmas, we have a number of beautiful Christmas trees available at the Parkswood Tree Centre, in Passage East, Waterford.


Christmas tree waterford

Presenting the Noble Fir Christmas Tree

As one of the premium Christmas Trees in Ireland, the Noble Fir is a special kind of Christmas Tree. And is unlike any other type of tree out there.

Known for its breath-taking beauty, the Noble Fir has a luscious green color and presence that will be the highlight of any room this Christmas.

Along with this, the Noble Fir is a non-shedding tree. This means your Tree will still be looking healthy and fresh even when 2023 rolls around. Apart from this, the Noble Fir has a unique characteristic that truly will add something very special to your home this Christmas.

What is so Different about this Christmas Tree?

The biggest difference with the Noble Fir is its smell. With its delightful pine aroma and scent, you will have a true Christmas Tree smell right there in your home. No artificial tree can recreate this authentic Christmas smell. Creating a unique and memorable Christmas experience is about hitting all of your senses!

Not only that…

Aside from having a breathtaking authentic Irish Christmas Tree in your home, you too are doing your bit for Ireland’s Wildlife. Our Tree Plantation is home to numerous types of wildlife. For every tree purchased you are helping the continued habitation of the wildlife in Parkswood Tree Centre, in all conditions!

Christmas Trees Waterford

So what can we do for you?

If you are looking for Christmas Trees in Waterford and the general South East region, we are within close proximity to you. The Noble Fir ChristmasTree’s are not to be missed out .

Whether you want something bigger or smaller to suit your needs, then please give us a visit. Alternatively you can get in contact with us by calling Ciaran at 086 393 2788 or emailing Pricing varies according to size, of which we have a diverse selection.

Christmas Trees in Waterford

We have a wide selection of trees!

Call Ciaran at 086 393 2788 to get your order in now

We hope you enjoy the Noble Fir Trees in your home this year and may you

Have a pleasant and peaceful Christmas!