5 Tips to keep your Christmas Tree Looking Healthy

Christmas trees Waterford

If you are buying a Real Christmas Tree this year, then please bare in mind the following, so your Christmas Tree will still look amazing even in the New Year!

Tip 1: Tree’s Absorb Water

If the tree stand you are using, is one which has a saucer shape, then once you have secured the tree in the stand, and stood it upright, you can fill the container with water

Tip 2: Keep it Topped up

Check it every few days and keep the water topped up to maintain the Fresh look!

Tip 3: Sand goes best in a Bucket Stand

If you are using a bucket as your stand, then fill the bucket with sand. We recommend builder’s sand!

Tip 4: Again keep it topped up and add Water when necessary

Tip 5: Balance is Everything

If you are using a bucket as a stand, try using some stones to balance it out (Fill sand around the stone). The bigger trees are a bit tricky, so you may have to play around with this.

Christmas tree waterford

If you need a Tree for your home this year, we have a number of beautiful Noble Fir Trees available at the Parkswood Tree Centre. We hope you enjoy your tree and may you have a healthy and happy Christmas!





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